Welcome to the technological leader in Common Rail injection systems

Even big things start small. The same is true for the Common Rail injection technology for diesel engines. We are proud to be part of this evolution from the beginning – since 1978. At that time, we realized the immense potential of the technology. Common Rail injection systems are a key element for every modern, energy-efficient and environmentally sound diesel engine.

We supply our Common Rail systems to diesel engine manufacturers and operators in the off-road markets all over the world. We flexibly adapt to our customers’ particular requirements and equip engines for locomotives, ships, construction machinery and power generation. A few years ago, we started producing Common Rail systems for Micro Pilot injection in Dual Fuel engines. In addition, we develop and manufacture Common Rail systems for almost every application upon specific requests.

Ganser CRS will continue to contribute to cleaner and more efficient combustion engines with an innovative mindset and with Swiss quality products.