We continuously develop our products forward to create added value for our customers and to optimize our technically most advanced Common Rail injection systems, injectors and high pressure pumps further.

Common Rail Systems

Ganser CRS Common Rail systems suited for engines in the power range from 300 to 10’000 kilowatt offer you the following advantages:

  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Complete Common Rail systems including injectors, high pressure pumps, high pressure piping and electronic control
  • Injectors with or without individual accumulators
  • Compact system versions without rail (only high pressure pipes) possible
  • Small pressure pulsations and a very small overall high pressure system volume thanks to the proprietary WDD (Wave Dynamics and Dampening system)
  • Highest effective injection pressure in the nozzle tip during the whole injection process
  • High pressure piping single or double walled

Common Rail Injectors

Ganser CRS injectors can be adapted to all new and existing engine cylinder heads. In the case of retrofit applications, no changes are required on the engine. This results in a minimized effort for an upgrade to Common Rail injection. Our injectors have an exceptionally high injection rate at smallest pulse lengths. The injection volumes range from 0 to 3000mm3 per shot with system pressures up to 2000 bar. Whether your engines use diesel, heavy fuel oil or even gasoline, we have the right injector for your application.

Common Rail High Pressure Pumps

Ganser CRS high pressure pumps are efficient and reliable. They run quietly and deliver enduring performance to your engines. Our high pressure pumps are engine oil lubricated. The fuel and oil circuits remain separated to ensure operational safety.

Our high pressure pump models cover a fuel delivery range from 0 to 12 liters per minute with injection system pressures up to 2000 bar. If requested, we can adapt one of our existing high pressure pumps to your specific requirements.

Test benches

We provide you with test benches ready to operate for injector and high pressure pump performance testing as well as for combined durability testing of the whole injection system. Our complete solutions are equipped with fuel and lube oil aggregates and with state-of-the-art measuring and control devices.

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The pressure generation and the injection of the fuel are decoupled in a Common Rail injection system. The pressure is built up independently of the injection order and is permanently available. The system pressure remains stored in a “Common Rail” and is fed to the injectors via short single pipes. By means of the constant high pressure of 1200 up to more than 2000 bar, it is possible to obtain a very sharp and exact injection rate. Furthermore, the electronic control allows regulating the injection process flexibly according to the different operating conditions of the engine.